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Emudhra DSC Partner Registration

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Pantasign DSC Partner Registration

 Krishna Computers offers Pantasign  Super RA Login, Agent Login, Pantasign Digital Signature Partner Registration, Pantasign Franchise


 Krishna Computers offers IDsign  Super RA Login, Agent Login, IDsign Digital Signature Partner Registration, IDsign Franchise

Start Your Own Digital Signature Certificate Business & Issue DSC from Your Office
We Are Authorized Digital Signature Registration  Authority By Capricorn eMudhra Pantasign vSign.

Want to Become Our Digital Signature Partner ? If you are any one of the Followings:-Whether you are an E-tendering Consultant / Import-Export Consultant Chartered Accountant (CA) / Company Secretary (CS) / Advocate / Tax Consultant / PF Consultant or any other person requiring digital signatures for clients, you can contact us for your digital signatures requirements. You can sell your digital signatures directly to your clients at the price decided by you.
Benefits of dealing through us for your customer requirements

  • Fastest Certificate issuance.
  • Aadhaar OTP based issuance without application form and the attested documents.
  • Best in class Support.
  • Zero Dependency Direct dealing with the Certifying Authority.
  • Best Transfer Price.
  • Create Unlimited Associate Under You.
  • You Have Additional Business Opportunity.
  • Get DSC At Very Low Price.
  • You Can Charge Any Price From Your Client.
  • No Bulk Purchased Required.
  • No Expiry Date for Unused Dsc In Stock.
  • Zero Investment / Security Money Other Than Cost of DSC & USB Tokens.

Reselling with Initial Investment

If you would like to be our partner, we will give you training and you can Process DSC at your office itself, where you can get DSC much faster at Even better prices. We shall provide training for this.

Investment to Become our Partner    

Capricorn, eMudhra, Vsign, Pantasign, IDSign DSC

Capricorn                                            10 Qty                   50 Qty                    100 Qty

                                 Sign                       180                        ??                         ??

                             Combo                      400                        ??                          ??

eMudhra                                             10 Qty                   50qty                     100 Qty

                                 Sign                       235                        ??                         ??

                                Combo                   450                         ??                         ??

Pantasign                                            10 Qty                   50 Qty                   100 Qty

                                Sign                       180                         ??                         ??

                                Combo                  300                         ??                         ??

Vsign                                                     10 Qty                   50 Qty                   100 Qty

                                Sign                       180                         220                        ??

                                Combo                   300                         ??                           ??

IDSign                                               10 Qty                   50 Qty                   100 Qty

                                Sign                       135                         ??                        ??

                                Combo                  250                         ??                           ??

Token                                                    10 Qty                  50 Qty                   100 Qty

ePass                               180                         165                         165

Mtoken                           140                         130                         125

Proxy                              150                       145                       140

Note: All Prices are including GST @ 18%

:-Prices are subject to change without any prior information.

Our Bank Details are as follows:-

Bank Name: State Bank of India
Account Name: KRISHNA COMPUTERS         
Account No: 34884207440      
 IFSC: SBIN0000478