Update old ePass 2003 Auto Token for New CSP Version 2.0

As per new CCA guidelines, “Security Requirements for Crypto Devices”, Version 1.0, coming in effect from 01 July 2018, crypto devices, including ePass2003/Auto Tokens, are upgrading to implement new regulations.

Existing tokens with Digital Signature
stored as on 30th June 2018 will keep on working as earlier, though after 01st July 2018, new certificates cannot be issued on existing tokens.

Below are the links to tools which you may need during your process of updating your existing ePass Tokens.

Download links

1. Bulk-Serial-Number-Generator.zip – this is for get the ePass token serial number file.

2. ePass-Update-Application.zip – This is for ePass token update tool.

3. Update-Driver-File-Inside-Token.zip – the ISO burning tool and the ISO file.

4. ePass2003India-Setup-v2.0.zip – v2.0 CSP Middleware setup file. 
Should you have any questions or need any support to update your ePass token, please contact you token or DSC vendor, thank you!

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Dear User:

Item 3 & 4 on the https://www.hyperpki.com/ePass_v2_Update/ page have been updated with the new driver version release, which supports both CSPs in single driver.

Please overwrite the item 3 & 4 on your computer by downloading the latest from above link Put this message in POP-UP after user logs in to his account.

Unblock ePass Token (CSP v2.0)

ePass2003 CSP v2.0 Unblock Process

Process for Unlock/Reset the User PIN of HYP2003 & ePass 2003 Token